Tea Terms


Assam Estate Tea – This is a great everyday Assam. Very hearty and malty with a nice clean taste. This tea is our first choice for using as a Chai base. Assam Reserve- an Indian black tea

Birthday Tea – Happy Birthday to You!! – Our black tea filled with marigolds, safflowers, cornflowers, blue mallow flowers, flavored with passion fruit and mango.

Bridal Tea – A black tea with lavender rose petals, mango and peach flavors.

Butter Truffles – Black tea filled with pistachios, cumin, almond pieces, coriander and peppercorns. Tastes just like freshly made butter cookie dough.

Camellia Rose Elegance – Sweet aroma; black tea with raspberry, vanilla and strawberry flavor.

Caribbean Coconut – Black tea with shredded coconut.

Cheerful Chai – A traditional black tea served in India- filled with ginger root, cinnamon chips, crushed green cardamom then flavored with cinnamon, ginger, and vanilla.

Chocolate Mint – A perfect combination of chocolate and mint with chamomile to soothe the soul.

Drop Red Gorgeous Strawberry – Plant City’s very own Strawberry Tea! Named appropriately after the Strawberry Growers Association 2007 Slogan. This black tea is filled with strawberry bits, cream and flavored here at Camellia Rose!

Earl Grey Creme – A familiar tea with a smooth vanilla flavor, The perfect cup for the traditional Earl Grey aficionado.

Earl Grey – This classic black tea blend is medium-bodied and very aromatic. It is made with Ceylon black tea and oil of bergamot.

Florida Sunshine – A black tea with oranges, lemons and mango.

Gary’s Market Spice – Black tea filled with zesty orange, cinnamon and spice flavorings.

Irish Morning – Thoughts of Ireland come to mind with this black tea filled with coconut, strawberry leaves and flavorings.

Lapsang Souchong – An adventure for the uninitiated. This world famous tea has a smoky, hearty, and robust flavor.

Lemon Solstice Decaf – It is made with strong Assam black tea, almond brittle, lemongrass flavor, licorice roots, and real strawberry and blackberry pieces. The flavor is rich and deep with sparkling notes.

Lorena’s Royal Tea – A black tea with mango, kiwi, raspberry.

Nancy’s Organic Scottish Breakfast – This is a fabulous blend of Ceylon and Assam teas. It possesses all the malty heartiness of an Assam tea with a bright, crisp, and very clean taste reminiscent of fine Ceylon teas. It is a great breakfast tea, alone or with milk and sugar.

Natalie’s Berrilicious – This luscious strawberry flavored black tea is named after Plant City’s 2010 Strawberry Festival Queen, Natalie Burgin.

Queen’s English – Traditional smooth blend of black breakfast teas.

Raspberry Coconut Delight Decaf – Tangy raspberry & coconut creme- simply delightful.

Sandy’s French Creme Brule Decaf – A delicious rich and creamy black tea. “Dessert in a cup.”

Srilanka Ceylon – Srilankan black tea

Sweethearts Chai – A traditional Indian black tea with green cardamom seeds, cardamom and vanilla flavor!

Victorian Earl Grey – Traditional Earl Grey flavor with lavender buds and rose petals.

Shalimar Oolong – Oolong with an elegant and a smooth taste of passion fruit, rose petals and mango.



Margaret’s Hope – A second flush Darjeeling with mild flowery taste.



Golden Apple Pear – Tulsi herb, apple bits, Rooibus, candied pineapple, ginger and pear.

Golden Citrus Rooibus – This is a spicy-sweet blend that is full bodied, but caffeine-free. It makes you think of baking cookies on a cold snowy day and is also great iced. Cinnamon, orange peel and clove are blended with Rooibus.



Baby’s Breath – Sencha blended with strawberry, raspberry and rhubarb produces a fruity, sweet flavor.

Green Pear – A fresh green tea blended with juicy pears, marigolds and apple bits.

Jasmine tea – A green tea with jasmine blossoms.

Pomegranate Green – A powerful aroma of pomegranate blended with Sencha green tea.

Strawberry Fields – Light and refreshing green tea brimming with strawberries.

Sunny Garden – Green tea filled with sunflower blossoms rose blossom leaves, flavoring, cornflower and safflower blossoms.



Lauren’s Berry Basket – A black and green tea with papaya chunks and strawberry pieces. This delicious blend is named in honor of Plant City’s Strawberry Festival Queen, Lauren Der. Every person that tastes this tea falls in love with this flavorful tea.

Tea of Significance – A harmonious blend of black & green teas filled with pineapple bits, papaya bits, marigold blossoms, kiwi bits, safflower & cornflower blossoms. Delicious either hot or iced. The Tea of Significance is appropriately named after the Pregnancy Care Center’s fundraising tea – “Tea of Significance.” This tea blend was voted by attendees of the tea as their favorite during the tea tasting at this event.



Passionately PinkĀ - This tea was blended here for breast cancer awareness. It is a white tea with rosehips, birch bark and lemon myrtle. Very high in Vitamin C and Antioxidants.

Strawberry Bouquet – Our white tea with strawberry pieces and flavoring.

White Champagne Raspberry – A delicate white tea blended with safflowers, raspberry and champagne flavors.

Stacey’s White Coconut Creme – Tender white tea leaves blended with cornflower, safflower and coconut bits with essence of coconut.



Blueberry Sundae – Everyone’s favorite! The intense taste of sweet ripe blueberries in combination with apple pieces, hibiscus, rose hip peels, caramel pieces, freeze dried yogurt and blueberry pieces and blue mallow petals.

Camellia Sunshine – An herbal tea infused with grapefruit, carrots, beets and oranges.

Evening Mint – This refreshing tea is a blend of peppermint, spearmint, chamomile and rose hips.

Orange Blossom – Herbal tea with apple pieces, oranges, orange peel and safflowers. The taste of Florida.

Golden Citrus Rooibus – This is a spicy-sweet blend that is full bodied, but caffeine-free. It makes you think of baking cookies on a cold snowy day and is also great iced. Cinnamon, orange peel and clove are blended with rooibus.

Hibiscus Punch – This blend is a full-bodied with berries- sweet and a little tart. Great hot and fantastic iced. It contains apple, elderberry, rosehip, blackberry, raspberry, flavor, hibiscus, and sour cherry pieces.

Strawberry Sundae – An herbal tea with strawberry, raspberries and other flavors.



Raspberry Coconut Delight Decaf – Tangy raspberry & coconut creme- simply delightful!

Sandy’s French Creme Brule Decaf – A delicious rich & creamy black tea. “Dessert in a cup”!

All of our herbal teas are naturally decaffeinated.