Tea Time Blessing

Welcome Friends!  I am so happy that you stopped by. There is so much I want to share with you and I want us to become the best of friends. Good friends are a blessing from the Lord, and just think if you are a Christian we are not only friends but sisters in Christ!

Christ gave me a new heart twenty four years ago. I remember very vividly sitting at the table with a dear Christian friend, sharing a cup of tea and reading the scriptures. We came to John 3:16 and when I read that verse I realized I was a sinner and I needed to pray, confess my sins, and ask Jesus to give me a new heart.( Romans 10:9, 1John 1:9) Since that time my life has changed so much. I love the Lord and my heart’s desire is to please him. Although I may stumble and fall sometimes, the Lord is ever faithful and patient with me. His grace, mercy and forgiveness are endless. I know this is true because he tells me in his word. (Romans 3:24, Exodus 34:6 and Psalm 86:15) so my friend, if you have never experienced the love, forgiveness and faithfulness of God, I invite you to share a cup of tea, read the scriptures, then pray and ask Jesus to give you a new heart. And you too will have that personal relationship with our Father God and experience His blessings. (Psalm 3:8, Acts 3:26) If you are a child of God, then I hope you are experiencing the blessings of the Lord and glorifying him every day. (Matthew 5:16)

Thank you for stopping by. I hope our time together was as encouraging to you as it was to me. I invite you to come back. I look forward to spending more time together and I would love to hear from you.

Have a wonderful day in the Lord!

Blessings, Ellen